Bringing Immersive Experience To Your Audience

In the current world full of noises, getting you customers' attention is a difficult task... let alone getting their trust and sympathy. But what if you can bring your audience into a world of your design, filter out all other distractions and get them to fully appreciate what you have to offer?

Thanks to Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), such immersive experience is now possible. And you can harness that power for your business today.

We are Singapore-based design & technology company specialized in VR/AR solutions. Let us help you redefine your customers' experience to a whole new level.

Versatile Applications Across Various Industries


Having a hard time explaining atom structures, human anatomy or the vast universe and its countless galaxies? Now you can let your students literally take the matters into their own hands. Watch them learn much faster as they shrunk themselves to peek at those tiny atoms and fly out of the solar system to see how it really works.


Selling travel packages? Why don't teleport your potential customers there and tease their senses? Let them see those beautiful auroras, speedy dog sledding and breath-taking glass dome hotels. You will leave them wanting nothing less than going there right away.

Product & Services

90% of all purchasing decisions are made emotionally. As a seller, your job is to present the benefit of your product/service in the most personal way. But test driving your product or service might not always be possible. In VR you can very closely replicate that experience.


VR has been used in hospitals all around the world to help in therapies and medical training. Think about hitting tennis balls for elbow and shoulder therapy, but without the hassle of having to collect the balls all the time. Or practice simple yet potentially life-saving skills such as CPR, operating AED or how to stop bleeding.

Training & Workshops

Knowledge transfer is often expensive and the experience is mundane resulting in lower absorption rate. Having a virtual teacher could help lessen the manpower costs while a more interactive teaching method foster better learning. In addition, a more dangerous training such as operating large-scale machinery could be done virtually at a fraction of the cost as you don't have to build a mock training machine physically.

Architecture & Interior Design

Showing 3D rendering on laptop is good and all, but bringing your customers inside the 3D model is even better. Get them to roam around and feel exactly how it will be once the building is complete. You can also involve them in the design process by letting them drag and drop furniture and change wallpapers. If they're not impressed, we're not sure what else will.

Movies & TV Shows

Boost the engagement of your audience in roadshow and other marketing campaign activities. Pull then into the world of your story and let them be the main character for a minute or two. Done right, you might turn curious onlookers into raving loyal fans.

Many More...

The magic goes on. We are not even done scratching the surface here. After all we are creating a virtual world where the possibilities are endless. If you have any projects and are considering to incorporate an immersive experience, don't hesitate to talk with us!


Vastly Experienced Team

Our team consists of veterans in visual designs and interactive technologies with great flair in creativity. Tap into our wealth of experience to bring your vision into reality. We know full well that at the end of the day what really matter is for you to achieve your business objectives.

We don't just design for design sake nor use technology for technology sake. We always make sure that from day 1 we focus on delivering stellar results. And to that end, we don't aim to just marginally improve the current experience... we strive to completely transform the way your customers experience your products or services.

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